My garden

General about my garden number III:

We moved to the Tornio home in the autumn of 2010, so the garden is not here yet a garden, but soon will bem because I start building the garden in the spring of 2011.

City of Tornio, Finland, font yard is facing north and back yard to the south
House: One-storey house, which is built in the late 1970s
Other buildings
: Shed at the rear
Moving date:
September-October 2010
Garden size
: n.1100 square meters, which are spread over so that the front yard of 1 / 4 and the back yard 3 / 4.
Shape of the garden
: The back yard square, rectangular front yard
Soil types: Clay, sand improved
General about garden:
The garden will build in spring 2011
Special features
:  Not yet, also coming in 2011..
Wild Animals: Small birds are fed in winter time.
Garden plants: Cold resistant and hardy plants will be planted first in order to obtain the micro-climate created. Trees and shrubs are added too.
Vegetable garden:  Yes,  so there's probably will grown lettuce, peas and carrots at first, but probably also perennials.
Yes, the compost will be moved to the back of the shed in the spring of 2011.

Garden plants:

Perennials: Only few original perennials at the moment, such as Bergenia, Geranium sylvaticum, Aster, two daylilies, yellow flag iris and Aconitum.

Plants to be are mainly ground covers such as: Hosta, Geranium, Lamium, ornamental grasses and si on. As well as flowering shrubs.


We moved all the plants from small garden to my sister-in-laws potatofield to over winter so all the same plants will be planted in our new garden as well. Like these fellows:

Hosta 'Patriot'

Hosta  'Mama Mia'

Trees & shrubs:
Two lilac bushes, apple tree, common spruce, and larch. The front yard to grow, and European mountain ash as a fence.

Bulbs: The first bulbs planted in the autumn of 2010.

Flower beds and borders:
Not yet flower beds ..coming spring 2011..


Gardening journey will begin in September 2010, when I planted the first bulbous plants. Few perenniaks and one shrub are planted in vegetable garden to wait for the spring, when first flower beds will be constructed.

Backyard in September 2010: